Youtube Korea

Direction, New!

1st Ave Machine Buenos Aires commited me the Direction  for the Youtube Korea - ‘Year End Shopping’ campaign. The project consisted of a Hero animation and then 30 animations with different Youtubers. The challenge was to make a single animation that can be procedurally edited to make these 30 animations or infinitely more!

Special Thanks to the entire 1stAve team and incredible collaborations literally all over the world!

I hope you like the result!


Produced by 1st Ave Machine

Executive Producer: Bernice Wong
Project Manager: Rabiya Hamid
Business Lead: Siok Xin Ng
Creative: George Widodo
Designer: Kelvin Gan
Copywriter: Ahrim Won

1st Ave US:
Production Company Unlisted
Executive Producer Katie Mackin

1st Ave BA:
Managing Partner Lautaro Brunatti
Executive Producer Florencia Bardas
Executive Producer Alejandro Sparano

Line Producer César Morán Mazo
Coordinator 1 Magdalena Del Valle
Coordinator 2 Manuel Silva

Director: Lio Skliar

Art Team:
Art Director: Lisett Ledon

Rafael García
Maro Margulis

Story & Animatic: Lio Skliar
Animator Director: Lio Skliar

Motion Animation:
Studio Mawi

Character Animation:
Matías “Sato” Petrolli
Rodri Moraes
Pablo Kondratas

Compositing & Magic Scripting:
Studio Mawi

Music & Sfx:

David Vargas