Encouraged to diversity


The Human Rights Department of Buenos Aires City commissioned me to make a video that promotes the acceptance of sexual diversity among a younger people.

While the piece was created inexpensively and is not technically complex, I am particularly proud of the project as it ultimately succeeded in communicating its positive message.

Without the help of promotional funding, the video became viral throughout the region and sparked many debates. The video was watched 700,000 times and shared 38,000 times.

Mission accomplished.
The video can be found on google as “Animados a la Diversidad.”


Client: Government of the city of Buenos Aires
Production: Lio Skliar
Direction: Lio Skliar
Script: Julián Troksberg & Lio Skliar
Art Concept & Illustration: Juan Devoto "APEN"
Animation: Julián Alonso Burjak