Hey, a pleasure! Lio here, what can I say, I love working in animation. I have been working on this for 20 years!

Somehow I managed to transform into a profession what I had already done with passion since I was a child. I remember spending hours and hours drawing, making comics, and experimenting stop-motion animation with an old VHS camera. Always instinctively, self-taught, trying to overcome new challenges piece after piece.

I consider myself a kind of animation generalist, I move with interest and intuition over different techniques such as Motion Graphics, Cel Animation, 3D, Cut out, Film Craft and I love mixing them! Explosive moments, small gags, spontaneity and "imperfect" organic gestures are always welcome during the process to make the piece alive and loveable.

Rep by 1stAveMachine for Directing in US, UK & Canada, www.1stave.ba