With the amazing team of Daniela Tagliebue, Ines Volgelgang, Marilina Martignone, Alejandro Zacharias, I wrote and directed the short film "BUBA" for a seminar conducted by professors Bornia and Duran as part of the Sound and Image Design major at the University of Buenos Aires in 2012.

However, in 2012 the short wasn’t finished as we had imagined it. Certain parts were missing, among others, the animation scenes and vfx which were too ambitious for our abilities at the time. The story was left incomplete. “Buba” had to wait for the world collapse due to Covid-19 and a long and introspective quarantine to finally resurface 9 years later and to be completed in 2021.

Buba has been selected in the following festivals:
-Alibag Short Film Festival 2023
-Kerala Short Film Festival 2023
-Himachal Short Film Festival 2023
-10 Festival de cine con riesgo 2023
-West Bengal 2023
-Video Jujuy Cortos 2023
-Goa Short Film Festival 2023
-Pune Short Film Festival 2023
-Cortos Latinos! University of North Georgia 2022

STARED BY Ivan steinhardt, Ruben Vladimivsky, Julio Cesar Chavez, Romina Pinto, Gabriela Barrios, Daniel Tagliabue, Gabriela Garcia Cano. PRODUCED BY Alejandro Zacharias, Ines Vogelfang, Daniela Tagliabue, Marlina Martignone, Lionel Skliar WRITTEN & DIRECTED BY Lionel Skliar ASSISTANT DIRECTOR & EXECUTIVE PRODUCER Daniela Tagliabue DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY Alejandro Zacharias CAMERA Alejandro Zacharias, Gaston Victorica EDITED BY Ines Vogelfang ANIMATION & VFX Lionel Skliar ART DIRECTION Marilina Martignone COSTUME DESIGN Gabriela Garcia Cano LOCATION SOUND RECORDIST Alejandro Zacharias ORIGINAL MUSIC BY Puerto
Buenos Aires 2021