Trihealth – PopHealth


The yellow and blue universe reflects the branding colors creating a warm and happy universe to tell a story that makes the focus on the human trip going from birth until retirement, always relying on Tri-Health's services. Every vignette focus on a certain age and situation with its different challenges. Directed by Lio Skliar, this is 4Humans's 4th collaboration with the brand.

Also the spot has been featured in Motionographer! 🙂

I hope you like it!


Client: Trihealth
Agency: Empower

Executive Producer: Patricio Verdi
Producers: Mailen Gayoso, Rosario Verdi
Director: Lio Skliar

Character Desings: Mariano Aponte
Backgrounds Designs: Ganz Toll
Storyboard & Animatic: Lio Skliar, Martin Cocchi Nan
Animation Director: Lio Skliar

3D Technical Supervisor: Gaston Duranovich
3D Models: Juan Martin Miyagi, Lucas Somariva, Gustavo Federico
3D Rigging: Roly H.L.
3D Animation: Pablo Gratto, Nico Broner, Martin Magiafave, Jorge Ivanovich
3D Generalist: Julian Rearte, Javi Bianchi
3D Layout: Pato Cueto Ruá, Gaston Duranovich, Julian Rearte, Javi Bianchi
3D Shading & Lighting: Pato Cueto Ruá, Gaston Duranovich.

2D Animation: Belo Q, Lio Skliar
Compositing: Lio Skliar, Julian Rearte, Martin Gambarotta

Sound Desing: Juan Tortarolo (Mil Cables)