Empower Rap

Animation, Compositing, Direction, Motion

4HUMANS commited me the Direction of this amazing project with a great team on my back. This is the story of Cincinnati where people go to sleep early to recharge their batteries and give everything during the day! this playful and colorful spot uses a combination of techniques and took almost 3 intense months of hard work to see the light.

To my surprise and joy the work was featured in specialized motion sites such as: Motionographer, Stash and Behance!

Thanks 4humans and all the Empower team in Cincinnati to trust in my work!

: )


Client: Empower
Chief Creative Officer: Tinus Strydom

Executive Producer: Patricio Verdi
Producer: Natalia Kosinski
Director: Lio Skliar

Storyboard: Lio Skliar
Art Direction: Hola Bosque
Animation Director: Lio Skliar

3D Animation: Gaston Duranovich, Esteban Blazquez
2D Animation: Ramiro Eraso, Lio Skliar
Cel Animation: Martin "Rojo" McGil, Javier Marino, Lio Skliar
Clean up: Paula Rmoa, Emilia Abot, Florentina Gonzalez
Composition: Lio Skliar

Music: Fuse Adventures in Audio